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This is the complete bundle of files for my tutorial.

When you purchase this item, you will receive a PDF document that contains Download Links for the following:


My introduction

Materials and Equipment video

Watercolour Techniques Video

Download of my finished painting

Full length real-time video tutorial


Once you have purchased the item, you will gain access to the links and also receive an email containing the link document.  Simply click on each link on the page in the PDF or copy and paste them into your internet address field and this will allow you to download each file.


Please note that these are large files and will need to be done on a pc or a laptop, a phone simply will not hold that amount of data..


Please download the PDF to your laptop or computer for the best results - once you have downloaded the PDF you can then follow the links easily

Once you download the files they are yours to keep!


I try to explain exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, as I paint.  I teach alot of classes face to face so I understand that when you are learning you need everything explained in easy non-arty terms, and thats what I try to do here.

Its best to watch the videos in order, so that you look at materials and equipment first (if you have a couple of brushes, some watercolour paper, some watercolour paint (cheap ones will do!), oh and some water... you will be absolutely fine.  This tutorial also makes use of masking fluid too. 

I have kept the painting simple and used the techniques I demonstrate in the techniques video, so be sure to watch that before you start the main painting!


I really hope you enjoy this tutorial, after all, thats the idea!


Jill x

Online Beginners Watercolour Tutorial - Crashing Waves


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