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Watercolour Classes - Cheshire

All of our watercolour classes are aimed at complete beginners and those who have some experience of painting too.  Come along and having fun, having a chat, learn something about watercolours and put brush to paper.  There's no pressure to be great at art, just come along and try it and enjoy yourself, there's no judging and no competition I promise!
We will practice lots of different watercolour techniques so that you can create any kind of watercolour painting.

We will take you step by step through a painting so you won't be on your own.  Along the way I'll be doing lots of painting demonstrations to show how and when to use your new techniques.  

We run various landscape watercolour classes, and classes where you can paint a bee or flowers or faces  
All equipment and materials are provided. 

We will have a break for refreshments (we're just next to the cafe) and I'm sure we'll all have a chat too. 
Come along, bring your friends!!  
Classes are £35 per person

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