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Drawing Classes

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A full day workshop giving you everything you always wanted to know about drawing!

If you are a complete beginner who would love to have the tools and the information to start drawing as a hobby (or even as a career!), or if you already draw but would like to improve on your skills, then this is the class for you!


Morning Session (10 til 12.30)

In this session we will be looking at:

Using different pencils for different reasons

Creating realistic 3-Dimensional shapes, using shading techniques, shadows, highlights and negative drawing techniques


Transferring pictures to your drawing board and changing their sizes to fit


Drawing from still life, getting proportions and positioning right using simple techniques, your thumbs, pencils etc


Learn all about Perspective - How things can be made to look further away.... By the way, I'm weirdly obsessed by this, so you might have to stop me rabbiting on. Honestly, it sounds dull but it's secretly fascinating!!


12.30 til 1pm - Half Hour Lunch Break

For Lunch, coffee and a natter (we can also take this time to wander round the class to see who is better than us... only joking, we would never compare) You could pre-order lunch and drinks from the cafe or you can bring your own, whichever you choose.


Afternoon Session - 1.00 til 3.30pm

Back to the drawing board in the afternoon (unless we need a quick nap after our lunch...)


In the afternoon we will look at Drawing Faces! I just LOVE drawing faces!

We will be looking in depth into our Facial features – our eyes, noses, lips, ears, and also we will look at successfully drawing hair, which is notoriously difficult to get right, without it looking like spaghetti on your head...


Then we will look at the placement of features on the face and the head so you can put them all together to make an actual recognisable human head!


I think that is just about enough for one fabulous art packed day!

I hope you can join me (Or I'll just be sitting drawing all on my own in a lonely room!)


Tickets cost £80 for the full day - 10 am til 3.30pm

This includes all materials, equipment and tuition, no need to bring anything with you!

Suitable for (well behaved) Adults and Children age 9 plus (children must be supervised)


We also have our half day figure drawing class, come along if you are a complete beginner, or if you want to improve your drawing skills!

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