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Acrylic Painting Classes - Cheshire

Most people who come along to our classes say they haven't painted since they were at school.
They all worry that they won't be as good as everyone else!

Well worry not!! 

I'll tell you all about how acrylic paints work and I'll take you step by step through a painting. I'll be doing demonstrations along the way and I'll be painting along with you.  You will learn lots, have lots of fun AND you can go home with a great painting even if you are a complete beginner. 

I promised you won't want to leave at the end! It's just such a lovely time to paint and relax whilst you enjoying the company of a lovely group of people.
All equipment and materials will be provided - you don't need to bring anything except your imagination.  We will also have a break for drinks and a chat. 

(Our art classes make the perfect gift too! Gift Vouchers are available for all our workshops)
Come along, bring your friends!!

Just choose the session you would like to attend...
If you can't make any of the dates we have already arranged, but you're interested in attending, please subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page
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